Elvanil D'Ozarin

NE Drow Female Bladesinger


A sadistic woman who takes pleasure in dominating others. She cares little for the typical conventions of the Matriarchal society of the Drow, preferring instead to seize power with her own abilities. After discovering her gift of Arcane Magic and lack of ability with the more common Divine Magic, Elvanil was sent with a group of slavers to the surface. There she witnessed an Elven Bladesinger single handedly dispatch four fully trained Drow Warriors and a pair of Priestesses himself and swore that she would make such skill hers.

She succeeded. After almost a decade of intense research, practice, and trial and error behind closed doors she was able to feel the first strands of the Bladesong, as well as having developed formidable Bardic abilities as well.

Together with her brother Railphrode, an equally unique member of Drow Society, she has since traveled the Underdark and Surface world, seeking to constantly test her skills and hone them further while at the same time advancing the Spider Queen’s cause, as well as proving the superiority of the Drow, especially compared to their surface kin.

Elvanil D'Ozarin

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